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Concept8 is a web & software development agency based in Malta. We specialise in front-end web design and development, making pixel magic in Photoshop and turning it into beautiful, semantic HTML & CSS. Our services, however, extend beyond the web; we also provide our clients with branding, print design and marketing strategy options.

Amazing results are what drive us. We go to extreme measures to bridge the gap between creativity and strategic business outcomes. Our team is made up of young professionals with a passion for simple, clean and usable websites.

Unlike most of our competition You know who you are ☺ , all our websites come with no license fees or extra hidden costs and despite never compromising on quality our prices are still better than the competition.

Are you tired of being invisible to your customers?

Get in touch with us today and let us know how we can turn your project into our next award winning website. Oh and the coffee’s on us.


Website Design & Development

Not all websites are born equal. We make sure that the websites we create are a cut above the rest. Aesthetics, usability and logic all play a major role in our creative process. Couple this with our extensive web experience, and we can offer:

  • An amazing looking website
  • Compliance to all major browsers
  • Simple, clean and usable design
  • Easily update the site content yourself
  • Fast turnaround

Web design and development are vast topics with many possibilities. Your tailor made solution will be suited specifically to your exact needs!

Custom Application Development

Whatever your needs are, we can accommodate them. We have developed custom applications for very diverse needs, from iPhone and iPad applications to web applets, games and many more. Your needs are our priority; we will develop, test and fine tune whatever you and your company require on a bespoke basis.

Search Engine Optimisation

Having a world-class website is absolutely pointless unless people can actually find it in search engines. Using Search Engine Optimisation tactics we ensure that your website is seen as relevant to your industry and its keywords so that it climbs higher in the rankings of all major search engines, getting your more hits and more business.


eCommerce System

If you want to truly take your business online, the most invaluable tool in your arsenal is the ecommerce system. Eliminate paper payments and speed up your payment process with our robust, secure and easy to use ecommerce system. Start accepting payments online and open up to a world of possibilities.

Email & Newsletter Design

Emailing your client base is an excellent way of keeping in touch and ensuring repeat business from them.

Concept8 can optimise your email and newsletter campaigns and put them on steroids with our list management tactics, implementation of marketing goals and branding for your company. And when all is said and done, you’ll have complete reports which analyse every variable in the email campaign, so we can improve your emails from one send-out to the next.


Not all designs are suited for everything. We can take the outlook you want to project for your company and blow it out into highly communicative graphical concepts. Our approach allows us to use aspects of the same overall design across multiple channels, for example;

  • On your website
  • Print material
  • Merchandising and executive tokens
  • Ad formats, both print and web

Presenting a single design concept on all fronts is the best way to keep things standardised and united, all while creating an immediately recongisable ‘face’ to your company or brand.


A logo speaks louder than any advertisement ever could. It portrays your entire company or brand in a millisecond gaze, so it must be strong, communicative and instantly recognisable.

Company Name

Trust Concept8 with your logo creation. We’ll provide you with an original, powerful logo to meet your requirements and be used on your website, anything you ever print and anywhere else you want to put it.


As any designer worth his salt (or coffee) will tell you, the choice of font you make for your website speaks volumes about your company’s philosophy. Do you use a font everyone else uses to play it safe, or do you go wild and use illegible type anywhere you can?

We do none of the above. Our designers are true typography geeks, and not only will they choose good looking, easily readable fonts for all your needs, they’ll make sure that the font chosen sits well with the rest of the design. And if what you desire is something totally unique, we’re always up to create an entirely new font for you, a font no one else will ever have.

Branding Typo


The icons on your website speak volumes about your company and brand. Are they common, used by everyone and their dog? Or are they unique, gorgeous and instantly reveal their function? We create gorgeous custom icon sets for use on your website and other channels, all while keeping within the brand’s design concept so as not to jar the eye.


The world of print is different to the universe of the web. We know how to bridge the gap and create print designs which stand out on paper.

Album Art

You write the music, we take care of the artwork. Artwork which will bring out the true artist in you and stand out in both print and digital formats. Yes, we’re extremely rock’n’roll.

  • Album art work
  • Any format of CD, from regular jewel cases to DigiPaks and sleeves
  • Design on every page

We’ll take your album artwork beyond the cheesy and commonplace and create something which makes you stand on the shoulders of really tall people, if not giants.


From branded company cards for various celebrations, to business cards or any other card you imagine, we can take care of its design for you. Our designers are experienced with working in all shapes and sizes, so don’t be concerned at all; your cards will be legible, original and striking.


From product fact sheets to event promotion, brochures are a great way to spread your message. At Concept8 we make sure that the message is noticed and remembered with our eye catching and head turning designs.

  • Any size or configuration
  • Excellent legibility
  • Incredible images
  • Sound design principles
  • Clear communication

Get in touch with us for all your brochure needs, or have a look at our previous work in the Portfolio.


Whatever your merchandising needs, from t-shirts to posters, mugs, coasters, key chains and any other object you want to give away (or even sell), Concept8 is right behind you. We’ve designed everything from tiny keychains with LED lights to shrink wrapped cars, so anything you desire is not a problem. Come to us with an idea and we’ll give you the real world object in hand, as you imagined it.

Website Hosting

What’s the point of a gorgeous, well written, informative website if it’s never online. Contrary to what some might think, Internal Server Error 503 is not a page on a website, it’s an error that can be prevented.

Forget embarrassing outages of service if you host with Concept8. We know hosting like the back our hands. And when, just like every complex system, problems do occur, expect us to cover the situation right away, while keeping you in the loop.

Looking for a good home for your website? Concept8 is much like a 5 star spa resort for your site.

Email Hosting

Never miss another email because ‘there was a problem with the exchange server’. We translate our knowledge of web hosting into our email hosting operation with great success. We know how email exchanges can and should work and we don’t cut corners. Speak to us about hosting your email accounts with us today.

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